One Week in Moscow

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  • This series of photographs is an edited selection from the book ‘One Week in Moscow’, a collaboration with my partner and photographer Gabriella Rizzello. The book was self-published to raise money for the charity Diabetes UK and dedicated to the life and memory of Gabriella’s mother, Sarah-Jane Rizzello (1959-2010).

    The following text is from the back of the book:

    “One week in Moscow, it was supposed to be one month in Russia.

    We went there in the depths of winter, primarily for Murray to continue working on his project, 'The Prospect of Immortality', but also with the intention of making our first collaborative piece of work. We had no specific theme, except to document our journey and take pleasure in exploring a foreign land together.

    And then, in the early hours of Monday 15th February, we had a call from home with the shocking news that Gabriella’s mother had been rushed to hospital following a cardiac arrest.

    Miraculously we were by her bedside just eight hours later, but she was already deep in a coma. She passed away later that day at the age of just 50.

    Sarah-Jane Rizzello was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes on her 24th birthday, soon after returning from Damascus, where she had been DJing with the London Town Disc Jockeys. In those early years she managed her diabetes successfully but her condition slowly deteriorated until, in her mid-40’s, she developed kidney disease and diabetic retinopathy that badly affected her eyesight.

    This book was never meant to be. It was born out of a desire to create something positive out of tragedy. And, of course, the exercise has been therapeutic; a cathartic experience that diverted Gabriella’s mind away from her grief.

    In order to produce it we asked family, friends and colleagues to purchase advance copies and they, in turn, circulated the information to their own acquaintances. This initial support far exceeded our expectations. We are therefore extremely grateful for the trust and generosity of those who collectively made this book possible.”