Murray Ballard (b.1983) is a photographer born and based in Brighton, UK.  He graduated from the University of Brighton in 2007 with a degree in Photography.  The following year he was selected for Fresh Faced and Wild Eyed 08 – the annual showcase of work by the ‘most promising recent graduates’ at The Photographers’ Gallery, London.  In 2011 the British Journal of Photography recognised him as one of the ‘Emerging Photographers of Note’, following his debut solo show, The Prospect of Immortality, at Impressions Gallery, Bradford, UK.

Ballard’s interest in photography began in 2002 after stumbling across a book by Jeff Wall in his school library.  Wall’s photographs made him realise that a single image could tell a story and actually be the finished piece of work.  At the time he was making films and part of the appeal was that photography seemed so much simpler and more direct.  He liked the fact that he could go out on his own and make something relatively quickly. Of course he soon learnt that photography was not a simple medium at all, that it’s full of its own complexities and its ability to tell stories can also be very limited.  Now he constantly finds himself trying to combat this by using text and sound to increase the narrative qualities of his work.

His photographs have appeared in many international magazines and newspapers including: The Guardian, The Independent, Wired, GEO, GQ, and Intelligence in Lifestyle, as well as photography journals: The British Journal of Photography, 8, HotShoe and 6 Mois.